Lorraine Clark

Lorraine Clark


  • Cell: (832) 330-3386
  • Office: (713) 987-7000
  • Office Location: 4012 Chartres Street

About Lorraine Clark

Helping you create the life you want to live!

I grew up in a small steel mill city outside of Pittsburgh, PA. My first attempt at creating a new lifestyle without even knowing it was after the death of my mother. At the age of sixteen, I influenced my father to purchase a new home for our family. I not only selected the home but chose the furnishings, drapes, and decorations.

For fun and relaxation, I enjoy traveling around the country with my family staying in luxurious vacation homes, reading and entertaining friends. One of my favorite pastimes is playing the “Abundance” board game. This game teaches the players business practices, marketplace strategies, how to acquire assets and the importance of nurturing both spirit and natural man. My passion is to share my knowledge; I believe in the concept of each one teach one.

Over the last fifteen years, my career included working for a major airline, property management, and real estate. I have developed a talent for communicating with people from all over the world. I have the ability to listen and solve problems to identify my client’s desires and find a creative way to translate that into a win/win.